We Kreate Kool Suffs For Kool Kreative People

Cloud nine n. Informal – A state of elation or great happiness.

Kloud9 Agency has been the leader in digital marketing and promotion for years. We provide you with creative and effective solutions for innovators, creators, artists, labels and growing companies.


Digital Marketing / Print Media
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Digital Marketing / Web Design
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The Founder – Dream Kayris – Publicist x Producer.

A versatile creative artist with his own vision of life who wants to break barriers and clichés. Born in France in the 80’s, the music producer/ designer developed his own brand overseas connecting with a multitude of creative professionals (magazines editors, PR publicists, video producers…). He developed a trustworthy reputation for working with major companies and artists such as Iggy Azalea, Chris Smith Management (Nelly Furtado, Jojo), Will Bynum (NBA), Valery Ortiz (MTV/VH1), Clique Vodka to name a few.